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Zhejiang examines quarantine bureau finishs pair of 365 export goods satisfactor
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Superintend to strengthen attestation business, enhance attestation effectiveness, 2007 7-11 month, zhejiang examines quarantine bureau organization began by a definite date the effectiveness of attestation of company of export goods production of 4 months is checked.

Zhejiang examines quarantine bureau formulate attestation effectiveness examination runs way, began investigation to try to find out the real intention the job, to area under administration 2521 export goods that obtain attestation produced an enterprise to undertake putting on record. They still were organized 2 period class of effectiveness examination Training Within Industry, wanted the respect such as skill of dot, evaluation and effectiveness evaluation to undertake explaining to ISO9001 and HACCP attestation standard, examine and verify, groom in all examination staff 146.

The export business that is examined this in all 365, the examination uses the means of spot examine and verify, selective examination the administrative system record of the enterprise, and test and verify its certificate. The examination makes clear as a result, system of management of quality of the most company that obtain evidence moves good, of the system build brought economic benefits for the enterprise, also promoted the promotion of the quality level of management of attestation enterprise and product safety quality. But also exist to obtain card business to run heavy visual range effectively to quality management system to spend partly insufficient, was not built and hold the issue such as the administrative mechanism that quality system improves continuously. Run the company of invalidation to the 2 quality system that discovers in the examination, zhejiang examines quarantine bureau parts make revoke export product quality clearance to reach cancel fast nucleus to put, change qualification signing up for check to handle without paper.

The attestation orgnaization that this the examination involves shares 42. Taking one with another, the relevant attestation orgnaization of attestation of system of most company application all can compare ground standard to organize pair of enterprises to undertake examine and verify, attestation behavior sincere letter. But also partial attestation orgnaization exists to did not press action of examine and verify of contract requirement standard, make a gesture to give the impression of doing sth of examine and verify, time of examine and verify is not worth badly or collect fees only not the problem such as examine and verify. (Zhejiang examines quarantine bureau)

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