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Countrywide attestation approbates working conference to be held in Beijing
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January 24, countrywide attestation approbates working conference to be held in Beijing. Li Changjiang of director of total bureau of national qualitative check, the country adopts inspect appoint director Sun Dawei, vice director Zhu Guangpei, Liu Zhuohui, chief engineer Liu Weijun attends the meeting.

Meeting by a definite date two days, this the main content of the conference is the seventeen great mind that carries out a party in the round and spirit of conference of central economy job, according to the overall deploy of conference of job of countrywide qualitative check, study the attestation below deploy new condition approbates industry aggrandizement to superintend, with qualitative get victory, drive attestation to approbate career science standard to develop.

The conference identifies inspect by the country appoint vice director Zhu Guangpei is chaired. Director Li Changjiang is in the speech, was sure attestation recognized the achievement that the job obtains 2007 adequately, main show is in: Safety of the overall quality that finish is special repair job, maintained Chinese product image; Drive the effect that develops with qualitative get victory, stimulative science to be reflected further; Superintendency strength is increased, attestation effectiveness rises stage by stage; Break result of foreign technology camp remarkable, international influence expands ceaselessly; Basic research obtains a breakthrough, ability of innovation of science and technology increases apparently. Li Changjiang emphasizes, attestation approbates the job to want to be guidance with seventeen great mind, implement scientific progress concept in the round, raise attestation to approbate public letter force, contribution force and vitality hard, drive quality to allow a country strategic development is carried out, stimulative economy society good rapid development. Director Li Changjiang asks, must build whole process attestation to approbate superintendency mode, strengthen attestation to approbate administration to superintend in the round. Accelerate innovation of system, management, cogent improve superintendency efficiency; Must around good fast guiding principle, comprehensive promotion attestation approves the action that promotes scientific development. Continue to consolidate special punish achievement, perfect attestation approves moving mechanism and measure, increase mandatory the impetus of attestation and freewill sex attestation is spent; Must enhance attestation effectiveness, deepen attestation to approve oneself construction in the round. Accelerate legal system to change, standardization of science and technology, informatization, internationalization and standardization, promotion attestation approves integral job standard.

Director Sun Dawei reviewed the attestation 2007 to approve the work above all in the report. He says, 2007, attestation is approbated around " normative job, enhance effectiveness " theme, development innovation, aggrandizement is superintended, obtained outstanding result. It is " 5 an organic whole " superintendency system is progressively and perfect, action play is apparent. 2 it is to fulfil product quality and food safety seriously special repair program, finish working job satisfactorily. 3 it is scientific research job obtains a breakthrough, international collaboration presents window. 4 it is attestation domain is extended further, service function promotes stage by stage. 5 it is tie of attestation orgnaization ego, market order is farther standard. 6 it is aggrandizement of function of local attestation superintendency branch, created a lot of new experience.
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