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China examines global general manager met attestation group be held in Beijing 2
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On April 1, china examines global general manager met attestation group be held in Beijing 2008. Li Changjiang of secretary of director of total bureau of national qualitative check, leading Party group attends the meeting and speak, the country adopts inspect appoint director Sun Dawei attends the meeting, group president Liu Shengming makes working report on behalf of group team, the conference sends a president to chair by Meng Qing.

Director Li Changjiang reviewed China to examine above all in the speech attestation group comes nearly 5 many years, insist to be unified leader with scientific progress view, reform and development " 3 paces go " course. This former China examines two big units recombine attestation group and center of Chinese certificate of quality reform, establish new China to examine attestation group, it is total bureau is reformed to deepen, resource of conformity qualitative check, a when strengthen construction of qualitative check orgnaization great and decision-making.

Director Li Changjiang points out, 2007 is qualitative check job a not ordinary year, also be China examines one year when milepost sense has on attestation group phylogeny. Drive in what reform recombines below, group development jumped a new platform, each job obtains delectable result, present a reform and development neither by accident, two promoted favorable situations.

Director Li Changjiang works next to the group put forward " 4 one " demonstrative requirement: It is the good momentum that maintains development of a reform. Should accelerate straighten function, establish science, democratic decision-making mechanism, advance with all one's strength deepen reform. 2 it is the admirable drive that develops energy of life of person of a kind of agglomeration. Should accomplish namely afferent, up, forward, namely the heart thinks toward one place, unitive of one mind; Go all out to become strong, do poineering work difficultly; From force, be brave in to develop. 3 it is the core competition ability that makes develop continuously. Want those who build Gao Shuiping to detect method, strengthen informatization construction, build complete service system, should do with all one's strength particularly the paroxysmal incident during good Olympic Games is prepared and be being held prevents and deal with quickly reaction works. 4 it is compose builds an efficient interior to manage a mechanism. Should strengthen performance examines and ask duty make, build accord with the human affairs system with real group, strengthen party conduct Lianzheng to build.

Team of group of delegate of Liu Shengming president from recombine reform, business to extend, the respect such as special punish worked last year to the group system, comprehensive reviewing, analysed the grim situation that group department faces and development good luck deep, raised task target to working 2008, made comprehensive deploy.

It is reported, china examines market of attestation group business was extended further 2007, finish raw material of trash of 33.01 million tons of 1.263 million container, entrances examines before shipping, examine 4170 batch, 150449 / cover entrance old Electromechanical, hair card 245 thousand; Issue of all kinds and CCC attestation, freewill sex product certification and certificate of administrative system attestation achieve many pieces 73 thousand respectively, many pieces 8400, many pieces 12 thousand, respectively accumulative total sends card many pieces 258 thousand, 35 thousand pieces, many pieces 54 thousand. Working quality rises significantly, begin product quality special punish acts, port bureau arrives examine discover fraction defective falls 0.22% , old Electromechanical arrives examine 100% qualification; Will 2022 batches, weight is 44 thousand tons unqualified trash raw material, 3618 batch are unqualified of old Electromechanical refus at the country besides the door; Time-out, cancel, cancel CCC certificate many pieces 36 thousand, certificate of administrative system attestation many pieces 13 thousand, time-out, cancel, cancel certificate many pieces 5400. Operation expands ceaselessly, so far, group home has branch of more than 140 subsidiary of 40 one class, 2 class and 5 joint-stock companies, abroad has 24 companies and 2 delegates place, investment building lab is close 50. Group system has 12931 people, among them, home has 11826 people, foreign add up to 745 people, auditor of the additional concurrent post that recruit 7370 more than person.
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