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"Administrative system and freewill sex inquire a system on network of product c
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For better service society community, convenient certificate information inquires, the country adopts inspect appoint debutted formally on April 1 " administrative system and freewill sex inquire a system on network of product certification credentials " .

This inquiry system covered administrative system attestation and freewill sex the pertinent information of product certification certificate, certificate information is offerred by each attestation orgnaization, update regularly at every months. The person that inquire needs to input complete and accurate attestation certificate to register name only or company name, can condition of period of efficacy of understanding and limits of date be registereded by the certificate related inquiry letter or enterprise, company name, attestation orgnaization, attestation standard, attestation, certificate, certificate 7 information. Classics country adopts inspect appoint the attestation orgnaization of approval issues administrative system attestation and freewill sex in all product certification certificate makes an appointment with 320 thousand pieces, all can inquire detailed content inside this system. Inquiry can land a country to identify inspect appoint the website inquires a zone - attestation inquires the column inquires. If have doubt to inquiring a result, still can identify inspect with corresponding attestation orgnaization or country appoint connection. The country adopts inspect appoint connection means: Email:; Fax: 010-82260736. (the country adopts inspect appoint approbate a ministry)

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