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Home of system of first IEC3 big attestation runs mechanism annual meeting and s
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Came 3 days on April 2, identify inspect by the country appoint hold, the first international Electrotechnical Committee that lab of Chinese contest treasure undertakes (IEC) home of system of 3 big attestation runs mechanism annual meeting and strategy to develop a seminar to be held in Guangzhou, the country adopts inspect appoint vice director Xie Jun attends the meeting and speak.

This the conference is mixed according to total bureau of national qualitative check identify inspect appoint the integral disposition that recognizes the work about attestation, combine the newest trends that IEC3 cardinal principle fastens, the experience that sums up our country to attend IEC3 cardinal principle to fasten seriously and successful practice, research perhaps did not come this year a paragraph of period, how to drive what IEC3 cardinal principle fastens in home effectively to begin.

Xie Jun vice director points out, the whole that the attestation of the IEC that we begin now works to approve the work in our country attestation has very important place in layout, in wanting to put IEC attestation work to attestation to approbate working overall situation, will think, will drive. He emphasizes, to push IEC3 further old system attestation is in our country, and even promoting 3 general interest is in the world good rapid development, need us to hold " efficiency of international of have sth in mind, aggrandizement management, play, active service " these 4 respects. "International of have sth in mind " the requirement that wants to approbate working conference to go up to approbate international collaboration to put forward to attestation in countrywide attestation according to Director Li Changjiang and Director Sun Dawei namely, processing is good at the moment the relation of interest and long-term interests. "Aggrandizement management " be in again of efficiency rise, supervise the excitation of the self-discipline below in heteronomy again, it is for better harmony develops between the orgnaization. "Play efficiency " should make full use of namely " international each other admits " what this one attestation approbates place of eligible assess activity to have is idiosyncratic, develop the efficiency that 3 cardinal principle fasten adequately, commerce of convenience international economy. "Active service " be 3 general departments run should face international, face national classics trade to develop overall situation, face the market, face an industry, face consumer to serve, as the government superintendency branch faces attestation even orgnaization and detect the orgnaization serves.

Delegate attending the meeting affirmed meeting of year of system of IEC3 big attestation and strategic delibrate mechanism adequately, everybody thinks to pass year meeting, the angle that can stand in the country not only undertakes strategic delibrate, form joint action program, also form join forces, clasp for each technology orgnaization at the same time, solved the problem that face to provide a very good communication platform in order to get joint development jointly. How does delegate attending the meeting raise the international attestation each other that international collaboration effectiveness, play joins to identify systematic efficiency, the management that enhances system of IEC3 big attestation spreads out thorough delibrate, build effectiveness of system of IEC3 big attestation to ensure a mechanism to reach consensus.
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