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Came 2 days on April 1, 2008, china examines attestation group is held in Beijing global general manager was met 2008, li Changjiang of secretary of director of total bureau of national qualitative check, leading Party group attends the meeting and make important speech, requirement China examines the good momentum that attestation group maintains a reform to develop, develop the admirable drive that person of a kind of agglomeration enrages, make a core competition ability that develops continuously, compose establishs an efficient administrative mechanism. The country adopts inspect appoint Sun Dawei of secretary of leading Party group, director attends the meeting and make a speech, chinese attestation approbates chairman of association Wang Fengqing to visit the conference to represent, president of group company Liu Shengming makes working report on behalf of group team, meng Qing sends a president to chair an opening ceremony and make congress sum up, zhu Junmin of secretary of group company Party committee chairs experience communication and closure, general office of total bureau of national qualitative check, examine the sectional chief such as department of department, international department, science and technology, human affairs department, plan money department, the country adopts inspect appoint Party committee of the office, office, approbate the sectional chief such as ministry, attestation ministry, lab ministry, financial department and information center, approbate attestation of center, China to approbate association controller, huang Zhenhai of group company vice president, car of supervision board chairman has tall, vice-president king overcomes charming, Liu Changsheng, li Jing of financial chief inspector civilian attend the meeting.
Director Li Changjiang reviewed China to examine above all in the speech the reform that attestation group comes nearly 5 many years and development " 3 paces go " course. This former China examines two big units recombine attestation group and center of Chinese certificate of quality reform, establish new China to examine attestation group, it is total bureau is reformed to deepen, resource of conformity qualitative check, a when strengthen construction of qualitative check orgnaization great and decision-making.
Director Li Changjiang points out, 2007 is qualitative check job a not ordinary year, also be China examines one year when milepost sense has on attestation group phylogeny. Drive in what reform recombines below, group development jumped a new platform, each job obtains delectable result, present a reform and development neither by accident, two promoted favorable situations. Pass conformity for many times, the integral structural frame of the group has been formed now, had had spread all over domestic and international branch, group total assets attains certain scale, perfected group rules stage by stage system and moving mechanism, investment built kind relatively all ready experiment and detect system, extended the Olympic Games and Shanghai world rich successfully to be able to wait for a batch of business that have bigger effect.
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