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Li Changjiang asks to work to go up again when Hainan, Guangdong inspects qualit
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On April 10, On April 14, li Changjiang of secretary of director of total bureau of national qualitative check, leading Party group inspects qualitative check to work to Hainan, Guangdong respectively. He asks to be in reforming and opening 30 years during, the whole nation pledges check branch is gotten for all with reforming and opening, carry out the seventeen great mind that fulfils a party seriously, fulfil the central new requirement that works about enhancing quality security, promote qualitative check to work to go up again hard new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, the career has new development more, for new progress of society of round of economy makes new contribution.

On April 10, li Changjiang examines one row to Hainan discrepancy condition early or late supervisory bureau of quarantine bureau, technology of Hainan province quality inspects the job. In inspecting a process, li Changjiang points out, qualitative check job wants innovation progress, rise in innovation, expand in development. The comrade of qualitative check branch must have political sense of responsibility of height and strong mission feeling, the pace that catchs up with economic society develops quickly, innovation superintends the train of thought that serves again already. The Olympic Games is about to hold, should regard job of service Olympic Games as currently the Chongzhongzhi that whole system works is heavy, develop function actively, it is to want to take product quality seriously highly especially provision is safe, had fulfilled its as political task, ensure safe, no risk at all; 2 it is to want to take safety of special type equipment seriously highly, cannot give safe accident, check ahead of schedule reach the designated position; 3 it is the safety that should take systematic orgnaization, personnel seriously highly. These 3 safety are crucial, must fulfil, ensure of the Olympic Games hold smoothly. In the meantime, want those who enhance security of product quality and food to examine quarantine superintends the job, ensure quality of product of imports and exports and provision are safe.

Li Changjiang asks, worker of cadre of branch of Hainan qualitative check implements each measure that quality starts a province reach the designated position, increase strength, had done harmonious communicate, supervise and urge examination, build incentive mechanism and responsibility to find out a system. Increase standardization to advance strength, around intertropical agriculture, international travel sightseeing standardizes composition regulation, reach international level. Had consolidated special punish achievement, prevent to rebound, according to Hainan current situation and the development fixed position henceforth, implementation of rate preexistence whole nation is done not have fake product. In the meantime, strengthen technical equipment construction, rise detect level.
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