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Zhejiang examines quarantine bureau is advanced register superintendency team an
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The wholesome quality management that to raise Zhejiang to examine the enrollment of company of food of quarantine bureau exit superintends ability and exit food company controls capacity, zhejiang examines the characteristic proceed with that quarantine bureau registers the job that register from sanitation of exit food company, capture register superintendency personnel and company of exit food production these two main body, build this one theme around ability, print and distribute was mixed a few days ago carried out " self check of sanitation of safety of company of exit food production accuses ability to promote plan oneself " and " sanitation of exit food company registers the evaluation that register and superintendency staff capacity to promote plan " , what work in order to advance this is successful spread out.

Zhejiang examines the exit provision that quarantine bureau implements produces self check of enterprise safety sanitation to accuse ability to promote plan oneself, the plan is passed put on record, groom, the way such as communication, delibrate and test and verify, through be opposite exit food produces enterprise HACCP safety of systematic government, food and defend, of the respect ability such as testimony of lab check test rise, the team of the member that export the careful inside food company inside stimulative area under administration is built, can master international standard and technical code adroitly what make to organize production by the requirement, make an enterprise be satisfied continuously register a requirement, make sure self check of its safety sanitation accuses a system to move effectively continuously oneself; Sanitation of exit food company registers the evaluation that register and superintendency staff capacity to promote plan, the theory study that plans to connect overmuch administrative levels grooms, practice communication delibrate, ability inspects the track such as assess, farther promotion registers the professional technology capability of superintendency personnel team, raise sanitation to register working quality and attestation to superintend working effectiveness, drive sanitation of food of the exit inside area under administration how to control ability to rise completely. (Zhejiang examines quarantine bureau)

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