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Conference of job of countrywide attestation orgnaization was held in Jinan 2008
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Fulfil countrywide attestation the 6th times to approbate working conference spirit to be carried out in the round, strengthen administration to superintend, interior of perfect attestation orgnaization manages, enhance attestation effectiveness, came 25 days on April 24, the country adopts inspect appoint hold in Shandong Jinan countrywide attestation orgnaization worked 2008 the conference. The country adopts inspect appoint Zhang Min of deputy director general of supervisory bureau of technology of quality of province of vice director Zhu Guangpei, Shandong is born to attend an opening ceremony and speak. The delegate that comes from country of eligible assess of each attestation orgnaization, China to approbate center and Chinese attestation to sanction guild in all 190 more than person attended the meeting.

Zhu Guangpei vice director summed up the achievement that our country attestation recognized working place to obtain 2007 in the report, analysed the attestation below new condition to approbate the new job that working surface faces, put forward to want to fulfil scientific progress to watch a requirement, strengthen attestation to approve the work in the round. He asks each attestation orgnaization wants recognize condition, safeguard overall situation, strengthen manage from personnel of course of study, promote the quality of personnel and capability in the round, pay close attention to attestation result, cogent enhance attestation effectiveness, do at the same time fine each job, ensure the Olympic Games is safe, aggrandizement responsibility consciousness, strengthen an industry to control oneself, strengthen a wind to build, build advanced attestation to approbate culture.

The conference reported compulsive 2007 attestation, produce and organic product certification to supervise examination and obtain food of administrative system attestation to produce health of examination of enterprise attestation effectiveness, profession the main problem that satisfaction of supervisory examination of attestation of safety management system, customer spends the reflection in investigation state of affairs and examination, introduced national product quality to supervise selective examination the comparative analysis case that the enterprise wins disease state and year report are discussed, monthly news bulletin sends a case, right each superintendency plan undertook deploy 2008.

Delegate attending the meeting thinks the conference is held very seasonable, identify inspect to the country appoint come a few years firm catchs work of market of attestation of attestation effectiveness, normative punish to offer affirmation, consider and advanced the job of farther normative attestation, concrete step that enhances attestation effectiveness. They still are aimed at " attestation orgnaization runs way " (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) , " attestation orgnaization classification administers provisional regulation " (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) , " attestation orgnaization quantifies evaluation index " (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) with " mix about be being improved further deepen attestation. (the country adopts inspect appoint approbate a ministry)
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