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Brigadier of label of state of drinkable mineral water comes on stage plan to be
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Do not be the bromate problem with familiar consumer, because its send cancerous pass on a message,caused all circles to pay close attention to extensively a few days ago. Be about to come on stage " drinkable and natural mineral water " new GB will try to chroma of mineral water bromate demarcate, bromate chroma is decided to answer first at present under 0.01 milligram / litre

Report from our correspondent (reporter Liu Jun) the reporter learns, suffer fully inside the mineral water that fix eyes on bromate chroma, final will by what be about to come on stage " drinkable and natural mineral water " new GB tries demarcate. In seek an opinion newly inside draft, initial limit bromate under 0.01 milligram / rise, agree with national standard of potable water. In addition, cancel mineral water also drafts in new GB " bacterium colony gross " limitation, the personage inside course of study expresses to be revised as form a complete set to our newspaper, will amount to mark to bromate index helpful.

Bromate standard and international conform

On total bureau of national qualitative check say in opinion of expert of official website quote Saturday, normal enters the water in do not contain bromate, but contain bromide generally. When be disinfected to water with ozone, bromide and ozone react, the meeting after oxidation generates bromate. "International cancer research center (IARC) thinks bromic acid Potassium has the effect that cause cancer to experimental animal, but bromate still cannot affirm to the action of the person that cause cancer, label its the substance that causes cancer possibly to the person for this. Label its the substance that causes cancer possibly to the person for this..

At present natural mineral water basically carries out " drinkable and natural mineral water "National levelShape 1995, among them gross of bacterium colony of fill outfit product asks under every milliliter 50 units. To amount to mark, mineral water enterprise used ozone generally antiseptic labour, produce bromate extremely easily subsequently. And this second revise adumbrative mineral water GB to make admiral and standard of international mineral water conform in bromate upper limit. It is reported, the world is defended is 0.01 milligram to the limitation of bromate / rise, european Union regulation is 0.003 Mg/L, american regulation is 0.01mg/L.

Bottled water selectives examination to exceed bid into bromate

Notable is, the country pledges check total bureau also discloses at the same time on government-owned net, country of the bromate in developing bottled water recently is supervised special selective examination the job, 104 kinds of when detect bottled water have content of bromate of 13 kinds of products to exceed the requirement of set limit to of standard of drinking water sanitation.

And south Fu Liang of unripe adviser of Master of department of project of university food science says to our newspaper reporter, bromate is a kind of by-product of the generation when disinfection, did not state bromate index in old GB when, manufacturer also did not mark its chroma. Nevertheless Fu Liang also points out, because be after pretreatment,use disinfection of reverse osmosis technology like clean water, won't produce bromate.
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