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Low-carbon products certified help low-carbon economic growth in China
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Currently, climate change has become the focus of the international community to face the worsening impact of climate and environment, China and the international economic structure are doing the appropriate adjustments and reforms, "Green Low-carbon products, "the market seems to have become the subject of today's economy, businesses do not attach importance to the green economy will exit the market. In this situation, the China Product Quality Association to correspond to the major challenges of climate change as an opportunity to Increase carbon productivity, and promote China's industrial enterprises in the future, competition and new technology revolution of the first to occupy the high ground for the purpose of the development of relevant policy measures to increase investment in technical innovation, and strive to achieve an economic and social development and The economic development of ecological and environmental protection form a win-win. Environmental conference in Copenhagen in 2009, Premier Wen Jiabao promised to the world: China 2020 carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP than in 2005 than dropped 40% to 50%, the development of green low carbon economy for our country The basic national policy and national strategy. In order to promote and guide the early understanding of China's enterprises green low-carbon economy, low-carbon index and the early application of green technology, and actively form a new green competitiveness, March 2010 Product Quality Association of China With the State Council Development Research Center, jointly established by the National Quality Research Group credit system and organization-building, the green quality of low-carbon products and companies into the construction of credit system, focusing on the implementation of standardized green low-carbon products Research and pilot work. Once approved, the company will be China Product Quality Association awarded the "green carbon enterprise", and in the green after the formal implementation of enterprise quality credit rating and track rating to ensure Paul Green carbon enterprises to fulfill their commitments. According to reports, the green carbon evaluation criteria was used to assess an organization committed to energy conservation and emission reduction credit level. The standard is currently dominated by China Product Quality Association and the State Council Development Research Center of the quality of construction of credit system and organization Joint Task Force established to develop "national green low-carbon products and the emission reduction credit rating General (Trial)" shall prevail, and in reference to the General Rules of the relevant national and international evaluation standards. For example: green green low-carbon products will be low carbon certification Products of various types of general principles of the implementation of standards based on various industries and products referenced the existing GB, ISO standards of green, environmentally friendly and low-carbon standards, refer to the European Union, Japan and other advanced standards of third countries, taking into account the adoption of Corporate standards. It is reported that the Chinese Product Quality Association "green carbon" certification of enterprises, low-carbon products in its green mark the recovery of products from production to the total carbon emissions, an non-low-carbon products of similar carbon reduction Row ratio. Therefore, the "green carbon products" in the trend of low-carbon consumer awareness gradually into the domestic market, one step ahead in the international market more competitive, and can participate in the credit business platform in China 21315 China integrity Suppliers on the creation of "green carbon products" zone, receiving international orders. It is understood that the China Quality Association Product launch of the "green carbon business" pilot certification and products are divided into fifteen sectors, namely: building construction and building materials, real estate development, furniture, teaching play Stationery, electronic appliances, instrumentation equipment, new energy, all types of machinery, all kinds of food and beverage, food processing, packaging materials, chemical industry chemicals, agricultural and processing, fisheries and animal husbandry. China Product Quality Association on staff Said that in the energy conservation industry has advanced, or in the practice of energy conservation has priority to declare the results of enterprises, and encourage the implementation of modern corporate governance practices has been the enterprise reporting. The worsening global climate development of human society is facing severe challenges, the development of low-carbon economy is the trend. China Product Quality Association launched a "green low-carbon products" certification in government Guided and driven by the community and related businesses responded enthusiastically. "Green carbon products," will lead the new trend of China's economic development.
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