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8 East port pollution of fishery products have been certified
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December 7 reporter from the Eastern Area of Ocean and Fishery Bureau, Donggang District 8 fishery products have certification through the pollution-free, the region's pollution-free certification of fishery products reached 46. Recently, China announced a line of agricultural products quality and safety of the tenth group of "pollution-free agricultural products certification in 2010 through the assessment of the proposals to grant certification product catalog", which Baolong Aquatic Co., Ltd. Rizhao 5 declared fishery production bases all 8 products Ministry of Agriculture through the center of pollution-free agricultural products quality and safety certification. Be pollution-free agricultural products certification of these products are Baolong Aquatic Co., Ltd. Rizhao water pond farms and factory farms reporting trituberculatus and turbot, Donggang Shenglong declared aquaculture turbot, Donggang Maling Reservoir Authority declared bighead carp, silver carp, carp, and Jian Zhu Di Town, West Lake Village, Dong Yanting freshwater fish breeding base for a declaration of bighead carp, silver carp. Currently, the region has been identified through the pollution-free agricultural produce base to 32 fish farming, pollution-free certified 46 fisheries products, identification of scale to 2498.2 ha, of which this new found area of 383.5 hectares, 14 certified products; inland reservoirs pollution of freshwater fish aquaculture certification achieved a breakthrough.
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