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Quality management
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Quality management •Character manages an overview
•1, what is character?
•2, quality is good
•3, the integrated force that character is a company
•4, the deviation of alleged character
•5, alleged public errand
•6, what is standardization 4M?
•7, what is spot check?
•8, what makes standardization and standard material?
•9, the monitor's job
•10, the job of the person that work
•11, character is make in the project come out
•12, QC7 is planted applied method
•13, character of the calligraphy of histogram, view manages an overview
Quality management is Quality Control, with two acronym heads, call QC.
The person's place belongs to a branch likelihood each are not identical, what everybody may think what to be quality management to sentence a system of fixed quotas for grain production to taste namely is good with bad, it is the job of the examination, the person that such wanting is a lot of more likely. But the quality management on real significance is not in that way, however the job of faculty, of all quality of all jobs rise.
The enterprise has those who get buyer to agree only, ability acquires certain interest. It is this to cannot be deficient in, the technology of indispensable production, sale, ensure the technology of product quality, tell " economy ground correctly to make piece agree with the shift system " of the product of customer demand character. The place before be like so is narrated, go after what all efficiency of all jobs rise and have effectual job to improve a method, because this solves the various problem that produces in the job, often exploring more effective new method is necessary. Such activity calls " problem to solve " , be as all sorts of settlement gimmick, ability laws in development. Of law of this kind of ability and quality administration point of view preliminary will learn in the lecture here, and regard a key as to narrate " about made quality management " . The place before clerical work is like is narrated also a lot of is nod jointly.
The development} that {character manages
*** does not let undesirable article leave factory the character that support of *** → *** checks assures ***
*** is not made piece undesirable the character that tastes *** → *** to rely on project management assures ***
*** not picture of look forward to is undesirable the character that tastes *** → *** to rely on headstream management assures ***
Catch us one pace ground learns.
1, what is character? Already simple very difficult question, the person that can reply probably is done not have. Writing so in the reference book that browse: "The evaluation object that to judge its goods or ministry taste the agreement that whether reachs its to use purpose and client and inherent property " . Taste to hardware ministry will tell, it is height of bore diameter, bent wait.
2, quality is good consummate is alleged the concept of character (project) hand-in-hand travel evaluation, so certain what regard an evaluation as its is fiducial. Call its norms usually. If satisfy norms, evaluate for " character admirable " , lowest is restricted inside contented requirement, also be good teacher and helpful friend, not be expectation highest grade.
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