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Application food packs manufacturing licence (QS) enterprise should prepare 29 k
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Application food packs manufacturing licence (QS) enterprise should prepare 29 kinds of documents
According to " food is used pack, the goods production such as container, tool permits general rule " , " food is used plastic pack, the goods production license such as container, tool examines detailed rules " , " food is used pack, the goods production such as container, tool permits tutorial foundation piece " , " food is used, we think the enterprise wants to obtain QS license, must perfect as early as possible and get ready following data of 29 kinds of files: 1. Business charter photocopy; 2. Photocopy of card of origanization construction code; 3. Via the industry standard that put on record; 4. The accords with a requirement proof file photocopy that nucleus of branch of local environmental protection sends (environmental influence give an official and the proof file) that check and accept report or branch of environmental protection director to issue; 5. The Yuan Fucai material that company production uses accords with state law code and mandatory standard regulation, safe wholesome requirement " enterprise ego states " ;
6. When the sort that the Yuan Fucai that company production uses expects exceeds the range that national level sets, the safety that refers safety to evaluate an orgnaization to issue evaluates a report;
7. Product type examines report;
8. Product operation instruction handbook or product label;
9. Mass production runs a system: The quality duty that provides each concerned branch, personnel, attributive and project concern, examine especially the responsibility limits of authority of branch and personnel;
10. Quality examines way;
11. Cleanness produces a system;
12. Manufacturing facilities detailed list (include: The) such as model of equipment name, norms, amount, manufacturer;
13. Examine detailed list of instrument, equipment (include: The) such as model of name of instrument, equipment, norms, amount, manufacturer;
14. has standard detailed account;
15. The craft file such as instructor of all sorts of regulations that in producing a course, need, exercise;
16. Instructor of card of list of craft file directory, process, working procedure card, exercise, test gauge Cheng;
17. The file runs a system;
18. Purchase quality to control a system;
19. Yuan Fucai expects acceptance check-out proves or report;
20. Yuan Fucai makings feeds square criterion for evaluation;
21. Yuan Fucai makings uses stage Zhang;
22. Purchase a file (be like: Purchase a plan, purchase detailed account, purchase contract) ;
23. Technological process graph and tag crucial reference point;
24. The administrative measure of crucial reference point and operation control a process;
25. Examine administrative system and examine equipment metrological implement runs a system;
26. Reject runs way;
27. Sale record, already the reject recall system of work off;
28. Withdraw system of management of kinds or types of goods;
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