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Character controls basic knowledge
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Character controls basic knowledge

One. Character pilot evolves:
1.Handlers commands stage: The actor bad of product quality by handlers a person is in charge of controlling.
2.Squad group leader commands stage: The product that is in charge of whole team and group by squad group leader pledges the quantity is controlled.
3.Inspector commands stage: Install full-time quality inspector, specialized responsible product pledges the quantity is controlled.
4.Statistic commands stage: Use statistical method to control product quality, it is the major breakthrough of quality control technology, initiated quality control

brand-new situation.
5.Overall quality manages (TQC): The character of whole process is controlled.
6.Complete a quality management (CWQC) : Complete member taste a canal, complete member participate in.

2. Law of proved recipe of quality be careful in one's conduct
1, total number examines:

The way of check proved recipe that the product that will send check to approve or stock try to examine entirely and does not forget. Apply to the following case:
① batch is lesser, examine simple and charge is inferior;
② product must be eligible;
In ③ product if have a few unqualified, the likelihood brings about this product to produce mortality effect.
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