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The test content of much annulus aromatic hydrocarbon
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PAHs, aromatic hydrocarbon of formal name much annulus. It is fuel and the lumber such as oil, coal, can light gas to be in incomplete combustion or a kind of when handle the place below the condition to arise in high temperature harmful material, the material such as the organic compound of consist in petrochemical, balata, plastic, lube, antirust oil, incomplete combustion is normally medium, it is an environment in one of important carcinogen.
In the environment, organic contaminant is full of at everywhere, compound of much annulus scent (PAH) for its a large amount of, and the part already was confirmed to be opposite human body is had send cancer and send choppy sex. The origin of PAH includes: Conflagration of the biosynthesis of alga or bacterium, forest, volcano erupts, and engine of field of cremate of firepower power plant, Tophet, steam and factory exhaust. The sort of PAH is very much, 16 kinds of among them compound 1979 by arrange of American environmental protection (US EPA) what list a canal.
PAHs basically includes the following 16 kinds of congener material:
1Naphthalene naphthalene
2Acenaphthylene acenaphthene Xi
3Acenaphthene acenaphthene
4Fluorene fluorene
5Phenanthrene humble
6Anthracene anthracene
7Fluoranthene dazzled anthracene
8Pyrene Bi
9Benzo(a)anthracene benzene and (A) anthracene
10Chrysene is bent
11Benzo(b)fluoranthene benzene and (B) dazzled anthracene
12Benzo(k)fluoranthene benzene and (K) dazzled anthracene
13Benzo(a)pyrene benzene and (A) Bi
14Indeno(1, 2, 3-cd)pyrene indene benzene (1, 2, 3-cd) Bi
15Dibenzo(a, 2 benzene of H)anthracene and (A, n) anthracene
16Benzo(g, hi)perylene benzene and (Ghi) north (2 naphthalene embed benzene)
Character: Pure PAH is colorless normally, white, or shallow olive solid.
We test a level for what you offer:
EPA8270 alls alone family name extraction extracts PAHs, covered the test item of 16 PAHs among them!

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