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ISOTS16949:2002 attestation file square notice
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1, the postulate that application accepts

1) application just should be the organization that has its oneself function and specific legislation place, due the proof file that proves its have specific legislation place;
The business intelligence letter that 2) has legal laws and regulations to ask or the proof file that be equal;
3) applies for the spot of attestation to be ISO/TS16949:2002 attestation suitable scope, namely the production spot of car and car component.

Include to make below or rig a process:
A) produces material;
B) is produced or service;
C) is assembled;
D) heat treatment, solder, spray paint, eletroplate or other and final service.
Note: Industrial, agriculture is used, blame road transportation is used (like mining industry, forestry, bldg. ) the production spot of the car does not suit ISO/TS16949 attestation to apply for.

The attestation limits that 4) applies for already captured admissive attestation range in CASC in (see CASC " company brief introduction " .

2, ask related attestation

The requirement of quality management system that 1) organizes to applying for attestation is ISO/TS16949: 2002 and the special requirement of applicable client.
2) and the support the spot examine and verify that production spot concerns must apply for together with production spot, if design center, storage is mixed,carry wait for function. Supportive spot can not obtain letter alone, go up in spot certificate only in as support the place is reflected (certificate accessory) .

3, upgrade attestation: To obtaining QS-9000 and ISO9001:2000 attestation are organized, application upgrades to ISO/TS16949:2The attestation of 002.

The condition that upgrade:

1) applies for to organize the ISO9001 that is our company: 2000 or QS-9000: The attestation of 1998 is organized, and attestation certificate is inside period of efficacy;
2) applies for attestation limits to do not have change.

4, certificate changes attestation

The ISO/TS16949:2 of other attestation orgnaizationThe 002 organizations that obtain evidence put forward ISO/TS16949 to our company: The changeover attestation of 2002.

The condition of changeover:

The enrollment that 1) already obtained attestation the orgnaization should make an appointment with an orgnaization for the autograph of IATF;
What the examine and verify of 2) former attestation extremelies why to was shut is unqualified;
3) already obtained attestation certificate to be inside period of efficacy.

5, group attestation (much production spot)

The many does not select in same ground production sites that show be subordinate to belongs to same group company are organized, apply for group attestation, in order to obtain the attestation letter in the light of each production spots.
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