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Norwegian " in consuming sexual product, ban with specific and harmful material
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The ban that Norwegian requirement prohibits using certain and harmful material in consumer goods (PoHS: Prohibition On Certain Hazardous Substances In Consumer Products) the proposal is passed on December 15, 2007 beforehand, on January 1, 2008 become effective.
PoHS name and instruction of European Union RoHS are appearance likeness not just, undoubted, this one ban cites the PoHS that be by abbreviate for everybody. Although this legislation applies to Norway only, but what may become similar outcome to go to Europe is electric use with electronic product in fact RoHS standard, because very rare company is met,be a market technically produce the product of a kind of specific aim alone. Unless do not plan,sell the product toward Norway.
This one new standard covers range bigger than RoHS. It covered almost all consumable (minority is only exceptional) . The product category that it includes divides an electron electric kind outside consumable, still include bag of the dress, box, building, toy to wait. This regulation does not apply to food, food to pack, equipment of chemical fertilizer, medical treatment and cigarette, and the fixed device on carriage tool, carriage tool, tire and fittings of similar carriage tool.
New regulation suggests to limit 18 kinds of material, among them only 2 is plant (lead and cadmium) dictate for European Union RoHS place is included, still have additionally set taboo of 16 kinds of material.
18 kinds of material list as follows:
The name is restricted to be worth (% )
1, HBCDD: 6 bromic annulus 12 alkyl 0.1
2, TBBPA: 4 bromic double phenolic A 1
3, C14-C17 MCCP: Stone of 14-17 carbon chloridize dried meat 0.1
4, As: Arsenic and its compound 0.01
5, Pb: Lead and its compound 0.01
6, Cd: Cadmium and its compound 0.01
7, TBT: 3 butyl stannum 0.001
8, TPT: 3 phenyl stannum 0.001
9, DEHP: Adjacent benzene 2 formic acid 2 oneself ester 0.1
10, Pentachlorphenol: 5 chloric phenol 0.1
11, Musk Xylene: Xylene muskiness 0.05
12, Musk Ketone: Ketone muskiness 0.05
13, DTDMAC: Double (alkyl of hydrogenation ox oil) amine of 2 methylic chloridize
14, DODMAC/DSDMAC: 2 tristearin base amine of 2 methylic chloridize (15 gross of + of 14 of 13 + 0.1)
15, DHTDMAC: 2 (sclerotic cattle is fat) amine of 2 methylic chloridize
16, Bisphenol A (BPA) : Double phenolic A, namely 2 phenol base propane (the 0.005 since executive day, after executive day rises 3 years, fall for 0.0025)
17, PFOA: Complete fluorine is miserable ammonium 0.005 (textile or 1ug/m2 of other coating material)
18, Triclosan: 3 chloric unripe, namely 3 chloric hydroxyl 2 benzene aether 0.001

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