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Did sports serve a standard to by who say to calculate?
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"In sports industry domain, tangible product is like the sports clothing reason that basically sees it to change index to whether amount to mark, the aeriform product such as sports service basically sees it whether accord with behavior standard. " in speak of how to undertake superintendency to sports industry, when guiding, the Chen Xueling that economy of national sports total bureau manages tells a reporter so.

Face add much sports to serve with each passing day kind complain, chen Xueling points out straight from the shoulder, "We serve attestation and sports service examination to go up to still a lot of jobs want to do in sports, in sports service this lacks mandatory occupation standard together. " in fact, already systems of some a few regulations are fulfilled very hard also in basic level, place of certain and communal sports or privately owned club is opposite as a result of various reasons the mandatory standard pay no attention to that has carried out. For this, the reporter is dark visited be located in the Temple of Heaven of Chong Wen area east the natatorium of stadium of the Temple of Heaven of the door, be located in in peace south the two community natatorium of the total ginseng natatorium of the mouth, Haidian natatorium that is located in Haidian bridge north and Xuan Wu area, rising sun area in all 5 natatorium. It is an a few problems that have a look at sports to serve normative respect to exist with natatorium.

   Legislative job must be strengthened

In fact, basis " law of sports of People's Republic of China " the 44th regulation, "Service of sports of various people government is opposite prefectural class above to be the management activity of content with the sports activity such as fitness, athletics, ought to strengthen about the regulation according to the country manage and supervise. " and indicate inside this " the country concerns a provision " basically be our country " safe production law " the 9th, the 10th, " standardize a way " the 3rd, 4, 5, 14, and " standardization law carries out byelaw " the 7th.

According to the relevant provision of the legal laws and regulations of above, all of department of physical education should be made in relevant service respect a few mandatory occupation standard, corresponding sports serves attestation orgnaization and sports service to check an orgnaization. Current condition is, relevant director branch had promulgated regulations of a few administration with respect to a few common heat problems, the whole nation also had had nearly 20 province to be carried out to sports service superintend, the whole nation also has a few sports to serve attestation orgnaization. But, differentiate hard as a result of each of all kinds standard and the maneuverability problem of a few particular segment, mandatory occupation standard did not go out tardy, at the same time sports checks an orgnaization " vacancy " also often by the government relevant section uses.
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