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Inside 3 years " green camp " EuP detailed rules will come on stage in successio
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Since August 11, 2007, european Union of EuP instruction requirement each member country the code homeland of its translate into. It is afterwards RoHS (about the electron the taboo in electric equipment is certain and harmful corporeal instruction) after with WEEE two green dictate, another when the European Union installs provides those who pound a gender extremely " green camp " .

  Detailed rules will come on stage in succession

EuP instruction includes an electron not only electric product, still include fuel of all use solid, liquid fuel and the product that enrage body fuel. In the meantime, it introduces lifecycle concept products plan link, to bad news can the requirement of energy-saving environmental protection of the product will be perforative the whole lifecycle to the product, this is before place of law of other environmental protection was not enclothed. Its carry out, will be exported to Chinese electron Information Industry and development poses new requirement and more grim challenge.

French international inspection bereau thinks, "EuP " (EnergyUsingProduct) or " with can product " , point to a product, when its put in the market or investment is used, need to rely on energy to input (fuel of electric power, fossil and second birth the sources of energy) complete the work that its book, and its environment performance can become independent the ground gives assess. According to instruction of European Union EuP, manufacturer should be on the product attach CE (safe attestation) mark; Have " ego states " ; Undertake accordance is evaluated; Establish zoology record; Ensure executive accordance is evaluated; With evaluate relevant file to need to withhold 10 years; Qualified statement needs to withhold 10 years; When the demand that receives one member country to be in charge of authorities, should be in inside 10 days related equipment appropriate file; If have a demand, the ecological archives that needs to offer relevant product and zoology design the information of accrual. When manufacturer not be resident in the European Union, and accredit represents vacancy, importer agree carries this one responsibility.

EuP instruction will begin to carry out from the following product: Boiler and Composite boiler, water heater, personal computer and computer monitor, video equipment (copycat, electrograph, scanner) , product of consumptive sex electron (television) , batteries charger and exterior power source are supplied implement, bide one's time with pass plane position cost equipment of lighting of the equipment of the sources of energy, office, streetlight, etc. 2008, mixed 2009 2010 will be the height that EuP dictates of all kinds product carries out detailed rules to come on stage, outside predicting to be able to be aimed at 2008, ministry power source is supplied implement, streetlight, bide one's time with pass plane position cost can equipment and box of top of simple and easy machine publish corresponding detailed rules.
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