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The attestation that countrywide attestation approbates the 5th meeting of stand
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On March 28, the whole nationAttestation is approbatedStandardization technology committee (SAC / TC261) the 5th times committee meeting is held in Beijing. Chinese attestation approbates committee member of / of association chairman, SAC Chairman TC261 to Wang Fengqing attends the meeting and speak.

The achievement that Wang Fengqing obtains one year to SAC / TC261 offerred sufficient affirmation. She says, science and technology of standardization job need is made prop up. In national level appoint, the country adopts inspect appoint below the leader, through everybody's joint efforts, our country attestation approbates standardization to worked to had come true " essence is participated in (international standard) , be in harmony is an organic whole " goal of strategy of the 3rd pace, to " own standard, oriented international " stride of the 4th pace, international standard changes the task to be finished basically. Should combine our country national condition next, collect collect China attestation to recognize practice experience, emphasize the work that has done 3 side: It is to want to participate in international metric system to edit in materiality the breakthrough is obtained in the job; 2 it is to should widen eye shot, study foreign advanced standard; 3 it is the pace that should quicken own innovation, the attestation that makes our country independently approbates a standard to push to international, position is occupied in international standardization activity.

One of core jobs of SAC / TC261 are Committee on Conformity Assessment of international Organization for Standardization (ISO/CASCO) the standard that establish and level of state of guideline translate into. Current, the level with active and significant ISO/CASCO and guideline in all 21, had changed (include to pass authorized) be national level have 19, change rate achieve 90% . The others 2 standards, namely ISO/IEC guideline 7 " eligible criterion for evaluation writes a guideline with what set a requirement " (be being edited to be ISO/IEC17007) with ISO/IEC17040 " orgnaization of assess of eligible assess qualification and approbate orgnaization person of the same trade to evaluate current requirement " , had included a country to metric system is decided and edit project plan. After these two standards are finished, the international standard that our country attestation approves / eligible assess changes rate general to achieve 100% .

Build perfect attestation to approbate national metric system to decide for compose, edit working mechanism and materiality ground participate in international standard activity, at present SAC / TC261 established 4 standing working group, select expert participates in ISO/CASCO to begin 4 standard serieses of the activity that draft, establish working group of domestic speak or sing alternately, offer a technology to prop up for the expert.
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