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Standard of Chinese forest attestation is drafted end
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A few days ago, rain forest is allied (RA) , world natural foundation (WWF) bureau of forestry of Beijing agency, country cooperates external association of academy of science of forestry of project center, China and nature protection (TNC) hold in Beijing " forest and forestProduct certificationReach the market to develop international seminar " . Natural resources of forest of national forestry bureau manages director Su Chunyu introduces, national forestry bureau already started silvan attestation now pilot demonstrative job. Current, " standard of Chinese forest attestation " already also drafted end, awaiting final examination.

Congress discussed China to be opposite centrally the influence of global forest and forest products commerce, and be in with forestation committee (FSC) below the setting that the global forest that is a delegate and forest products attestation and its market grow quickly, the evolution of Chinese forest attestation appears shape and development strategy, the appeal just drives the silvan attestation solid progress in Chinese home market and overseas market jointly each apply, come to normative China can last what develop and realize Chinese forestry finally of lumber market to develop and be changed scientificly with this manage.

20 centuries at the beginning of 90 time, the blame government of the enterprise of a few countries, environment and social side is organized and drive the public figure that the forest can manage continuously actively, initiated silvan attestation jointly, encourage people to buy the lumber product that carries attestation. What wait for each as a result of environmental protection, commerce, finance, government is active drive with support, silvan attestation obtained rapid development inside alive bound limits, what approbate plan PEFC to was attestation forest products of the representing to also get the market and customer with attestation of FSC, forest is extensive approbate.

By force of the pressure of the international market and demand, our country major extroversion the attestation that lumber treatment company also begins to explore system of international forest attestation. Up to on December 15, 2006, our country (include Hong Kong) the COC attestation that shared 211 enterprises to pass FSC, 4 forests run an unit in all the forest that forest of 430 thousand hectare passed FSC manages attestation (FM) .

Data link: Silvan attestation is one kind applies market mechanism to promote a forest to be able to be managed continuously, realize the tool of zoology, society and economic target. It comes from those who managed good forest to offer independence to assure to prove forest products to consumer, try to undertake independent assessment through running an activity to the forest, raise a forest to run a level, promote the forest that bear the blame to manage, will " green consumer " economic benefits, as good as seek business praise operator connection rises. At present the system of attestation of two old forests of the most influential in the whole world force is FSC and PEFC respectively
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