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Environmental attestation is severe be restricted concrete benzene content
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Make attestation of two when release new environments by environmental protection ministryStandardPay attention to healthy to human body protection more. Science and technology of environmental protection ministry manages concerned controller expressed recently, the content that waits to 6 price chromium, benzene set standard of attestation of concrete environment mark to be restricted strictly to be worth.

Standards of these two new environmental mark attestation are " standard of attestation of mark of environment of ready mixed concrete " and " standard of attestation of mark of water mouth environment " .

Committee of major of Chinese concrete quality is high-level researcher Han Sufang thinks, the concrete that without the environment the production below mark attestation condition comes out drained a large number of limestone and coal resource not only, at the same time the platoon gives off many greenhouse gas, pollute an environment. More serious is a variety of pollution that contain in concrete factor affects human body health badly.

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