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Characteristic of system of developed country standard and enlightenment
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The developed country had built the system of national technology standard that gets used to market economy progress to reach more perfect level, the standard system that has freewill sex, mutiple level technology code the characteristic such as the system.

The developed country had built the national technology that gets used to market economy progressStandardThe system reachs more perfect level. Below more perfect technical standard system, the standard is thorough already each levels that the society lives, offer a technology to prop up for legal laws and regulations, become market admittance, contracted contract to safeguard, commerce arbitration, eligible assess, product examines, quality system attestation the basic basis that wait. Review system of standard of developed country technology, standardize the enlightenment with the due and certain development of the career to our country.


The standard system of freewill sex. The developed country such as the United States, France, Japan all uses system of freewill sex standard, standard itself is not had mandatory.

The standard basically differentiates to be mixed for national level, group level industry standard 3 types; Standard form includes case of regulations of standard, technology, standard, addendum and announcement to wait. Appeared again in recent years the new pattern such as consultative standard and factual standard, reflected a standard adequately to should reflect the principle of technical progress and market demand as soon as possible. At the same time the professional group that wait learns the United States, France, Germany, Japan and association also is producing dominant effect in standardizing the job.

Mutiple level technology code system. Technical code is had mandatory, accordingly developed country and the area such as the United States, European Union, Japan take technical code seriously very systematic construction, the key made the respect demand such as concerned safety, wholesome, healthy, environmental protection, this is the main content of technical code, also be a kind of of laws and regulations of law of western developed country important form.

Normative eligible assess program. According to the definition of WTO / TBT, assess program points to qualification to be mixed directly use what whether achieve technical code or standard to ask accordingly certainly secondhand any programs, include sampling, test and inspection program among them, evaluate, test and verify and qualification assure a program, register, approve approval and they comprehensive program. The eligible assess program that developed country and the area such as the United States, European Union, Japan all have a standard, this is the postulate that enters the market permissibly.

Examine advancedly detect method. Examine detecting is the important step that measures technical code and standard to be carried out whether effectively, the technology that also is program of safeguard qualification assess is propped up. The developed country government sector such as the United States, Germany, Japan takes seriously very examine detect orgnaization, the lab establishs authority examine detect the authorization that the orgnaization can get a government, the technical photograph that makes technical equipment and technical measure can ask with technical code and standard matchs, their identifier member vocational level is very high, some make returning that what be in charge of directly or attend relevant specification work with examine and verify.
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