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Committee of international building code gives standard of seismic relative stan
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From China standardization academy learns, committee of international building code (ICC) vice-president Mr Drew Azzara sent letter China to standardize academy dean Zheng Weihua a few days ago, those who conveyed pair of Chinese earthquake disaster is deep-felt sympathize with, give a series of ICC and American federal to tighten arrange of emergency treatment aid to this courtyard (FEMA) the seismic relative standard that make and issues is normative, hope to our country calamity hind rebuilds and work of defense of prospective shake calamity provides cogent and good help.

ICC is the whole world is the greatest the blame productiveness organization that is engaged in building safe standard and metric system to decide, its standard standard is carried out compulsively inside completely beautiful limits. FEMA is the independent orgnaization that is in charge of to American president directly, its task is response is made when calamity happening, make a plan, restore damage place, reduce calamity loss, avoid the disaster in the future. FEMA is assuming American country earthquake to decrease calamity to plan (NEHRP) in the process, also made a series of structures shock-proof standard standard.

As we have learned, chinese standardization academy is being begun actively at present to disaster area standardization orgnaization and enterprise offer assisted job, national level house is being collected in the news that has domestic and international aseismatic relative standard providing disaster relief and analyse research work, the data that ICC gives in time provided beneficial support and favorable reference for relevant job. These standard standards will be collected by national level house, after be being arranged via analysing research and treatment, will to the country the standardization orgnaization of relevant government orgnaization, scientific research orgnaization, enterprise and disaster area and enterprise provide a service.

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