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The Saudi Arabia issues code of mark of accordance of country of thalassic colla
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On May 6, 2008, association of Saudi Arabia standard (SASO) releases thalassic collaboration committee (code of mark of GCC) country accordance. Mark of accordance of thalassic collaboration committee states the product accords with the main demand of healthy, safety and environment at least. Accordance of committee of stickup and thalassic collaboration indicates the line of the products of code of technology of committee of will thalassic to belonging to collaboration is mandatory. The application that accordance of thalassic collaboration committee indicates technical code covered a sign is limits, stickup the regulation that with use bay cooperative committee accordance indicates, and disobey and punish criterion.

Note: Country of thalassic collaboration committee (GCC) still include United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait.

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