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What is attestation standard
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Attestation standard is the level that uses for attestation. Alleged " attestation " be achieve a regulation to ask to give out to product, process or service by tripartite written assuring program. Attestation is the eligible assess program that points to tripartite only.

Attestation presses attribute cent, cent is mandatory attestation and freewill sex attestation. 3C attestation is mandatory attestation, and GB/T19000 attestation is freewill sex attestation.

Attestation presses object cent, cent is administrative system attestation and product certification. Administrative system attestation (include safety of health of quality, environment, profession to wait) all sorts of runs a system attestation that are pair of enterprises. Product certification is divided again for safe attestation and conformity certification. Safe attestation is in every country is mandatory, the product that pastes mark having 3C makes sure the safety performance of the product is eligible only, other without giving thought to. The conformity certification of the product is in every country is freewill, stick have product conformity certification the product of special mark is the quality qualification that assures a product by tripartite.

All all sorts of attestation should serve as with the standard decide eligible basis, accordingly, the standard is the base that develops attestation activity.

The basis released 1990 " standardization law clause explains " the 15th the 4th: The standard of attestation place basis is national level or occupation standard. That is to say " standardize a way " regulation, what the level that attestation uses and constituent production and commerce use is same a standard. The attestation of our country approbates the job to be being built stage by stage, attestation standard also matures progressively trend.

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