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Fanner will have can effect standard 10% products will be washed out
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The reporter pledged from Guangzhou city inspect bureau understands on June 1, " alternating current fan can effect demarcate value and can effect grade " (the following abbreviation " can effect grade " ) the checkup that already passed specialized standard to turn technical committee, be about to sign up for a country to standardize administrative committee to examine and approve, release.

2 class can effect ability applies for attestation

As we have learned, this standard basically drafts the Guangdong in the unit 9 times to occupy 6. Because this standard is belonged to mandatory national level, once carry out, the electric fan that there is 10% about on the market at present will be fallen into disuse to go out bureau.

According to introducing, " can effect grade " the content that the standard basically includes 3 fields: Of fanner can effect grade, can effect demarcate value and energy-saving evaluation value. Among them can the market admittance doorsill that effect demarcate value is fanner, under can the fanner that effect demarcate is worth will be washed out, must not be produced and sell. Can effect demarcate value is passed can effect grade body comes out now.

" can effect grade " fan of our country alternating current can effect grade cent is mixed for 1 class, 2 class 3 class 3 grade. Among them 1 class can effect is highest, but the electric fan that there is not 5% only on the market at present can reach 1 level can effect level; Achieving what 2 class ask also is advanced, efficient fanner, the electric fan that at present the market has 20% about can reach 2 level can effect level, at the same time this standard sets can effect grade reachs 2 level only or the fanner ability of 2 class above applies for energy-saving attestation; 3 class are fanner can effect demarcate value, achieve 3 class to ask (be equal to namely or prep above can effect demarcate is worth) is the fanner that amounts to mark, the country allows to its are produced and be sold, short of 3 class ask (namely under can effect demarcate is worth) is to fall into disuse article, the country prohibits its are produced and be being sold.

Wash out fan of 14 million typhoon every year

As we have learned, the electric fan that there is 65% about on the market at present can reach 3 level can effect level; The fanner short of that has 10% about 3 class can effect level. According to statistic, 2007 countrywide fanner crop 140 million. According to this computation, every year about 14 million fanner confront the destiny that washs out a bureau.

As we have learned, participate in " can effect grade " the environmental electric equipment that 6 Guangdong units that draft are Guangdong beauty makes limited company, Guangzhou power triumphant detect city of technical institute, Shenzhen achieves couplet Inc. of electric equipment of power of division of industrial limited company, Zhuhai, Aimeite electric equipment (Shenzhen) limited company and river retail sales. Among them the environmental electric equipment of Guangdong beauty makes limited company undertake detailed test and verify to each data, parameter, dominant effect had in process of formulate of this state level; Guangzhou power triumphant detect technical institute undertakes test, test and verify to mass data, crucial effect had in process of formulate of this state level.
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