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Mandatory product certification representative applies orgnaization government m
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The country pledges director of check total check makes the 32nd

General principles of the first chapter

The first is opposite to strengthen mandatory the management of application orgnaization of product certification representative, normative representative action, safeguard client and representative to apply the legitimate rights and interests of the orgnaization, assure mandatory of product certification system carry out smoothly, the basis concerns the provision of law, code, make this way.

This the 2nd method place says mandatory product certification representative applies an orgnaization (representative of the following abbreviation applies an orgnaization) it is to point to the person that get product generator, sale or importer (client of the following abbreviation) entrust, entrusting attributive limits inside, with the name of client application is dealt with mandatory the intermediary of matters concerned is organized related product certification.

Attestation of the 3rd country approves supervisory management committee (country of the following abbreviation adopts inspect appoint) to acting as agent application orgnaization is executed register a system.

Application orgnaization of the 4th representative ought to identify inspect to the country appoint apply for to register, obtain a country to identify inspect appoint issued enrollment after certificate, just can be engaged in mandatory product certification representative applies business () of business of representative of the following abbreviation.

The 5th obtains the representative that registers certificate to apply an orgnaization, ought to identify inspect to classics country appoint appoint assume mandatory the relevant orgnaization that product certification works (the following abbreviation appoints an orgnaization) offer acting business application, accept its to business coachs and be supervised.

Application orgnaization of the 6th representative ought to be abided by mandatory regulation of product certification system, apply for to provide acting professional work according to client, to its the authenticity of acting business and lawful sex are in charge of, to its acting action assumes legal responsibility lawfully.

Qualification of the 2nd chapter is authorized and register

Application orgnaization of the 7th representative applies for to register ought to have following requirement:

(One) churchyard representative applies an orgnaization to ought to have department of industrial and commercial administration to issue " legal entity business charter " ; The representative outside the condition applies an orgnaization to ought to have the proof file of relevant management department;

(2) have fixed business place and begin acting business place to require establishment and office condition;
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