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Attestation refers orgnaization government measure (total bureau makes the 82nd)
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 National quality is supervised examine quarantine total bureau makes

The 82nd

" attestation refers orgnaization government measure " already national quality was supervised on August 31, 2005 examine conference of Wu of bureau of quarantine total bureau is discussed through, grant to announce now, apply since November 1, 2005.

Director Li Changjiang

Two years on September 29

Attestation refers orgnaization government measure

General principles of the first chapter

The first seeks advice from an activity for normative attestation, strengthen what seek advice from an orgnaization to attestation to control government, basis " administration of People's Republic of China allows a law " , " attestation of People's Republic of China approves ordinance " and the concerned regulation of the State Council, make this way.

The attestation that this the 2nd method place weighs seeks advice from an orgnaization, it is to show to make product, service and administrative system accord with relevant attestation standard and technology normative and the organization that provides instructor kimono Wu.

The 3rd is engaged in attestation seeking advice from an activity to ought to observe this way in churchyard of People's Republic of China.

Attestation of the 4th country approves supervisory management committee (country of the following abbreviation adopts inspect appoint) the unity that is in charge of attestation seeking advice from orgnaization and its attestation to seek advice from an activity manages and supervise the work.

The country adopts inspect appoint entrust technology of quality of government of people of province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government to supervise a department (provincial quality technology supervises the following abbreviation branch) undertake its an attestation inside region of area under administration of advisory orgnaization examine and approve the job.

Supervisory branch of technology of the 5th provincial quality ought to identify inspect with the country appoint name, entrusting attestation is carried out to seek advice from an orgnaization to examine and approve the job inside attributive, must not recommit is other organize or the individual is carried out examine and approve.

The 2nd chapter creates condition and approval program

The 6th establishs attestation to seek advice from an orgnaization, ought to identify inspect via the country appoint approve and obtain lawfully industrial and commercial after registering, just can be engaged in approving the attestation inside limits to seek advice from an activity.

The 7th establishs attestation to seek advice from an orgnaization to ought to accord with following condition:
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