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Attestation certificate and measure of attestation mark government (total bureau
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 National quality is supervised examine quarantine total bureau makes

The 63rd

" attestation certificate and measure of attestation mark government " classics national quality was supervised on April 30, 2004 examine joint hearing of Wu of bureau of quarantine total bureau is discussed through, grant to announce now, apply since August 1, 2004.

Director Li Changjiang

2 4 years 00 on June 23

Attestation certificate and attestation mark run way

General principles of the first chapter

The first is opposite to strengthen the product, service, attestation letter that runs systematic attestation and attestation mark (certificate of attestation of the following abbreviation and attestation mark) management, supervise, normative attestation certificate is used with what attestation indicates, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the organization that obtain evidence and public, health of stimulative attestation activity develops in order, basis " attestation of People's Republic of China approves ordinance " (byelaw of the following abbreviation) the regulation that waits for concerned law, administrative regulations, make this way.

The attestation certificate that this the 2nd method place weighs is to show system of product, service, management passes attestation place acquisition proof sex file. Attestation certificate includes product certification certificate, service attestation certificate and letter of administrative system attestation.

The attestation mark that this method place weighs is to point to what system of proof product, service, management passes attestation to have symbol, pattern only or the combination of symbol, design and character. Attestation mark includes sign of product certification mark, service attestation mark and administrative system attestation.

This the 3rd method applies to what attestation certificate and attestation indicate to make, release, put on record, use and supervise an examination.

Attestation of the 4th country approves supervisory management committee (country of the following abbreviation adopts inspect appoint) the management that is in charge of attestation certificate and attestation mark lawfully, supervise and coordinate the work integratedly.

Supervisory branch of local quality technology and condition of each district discrepancy examine quarantine orgnaization (attestation of place of the following a general designation supervises management department) divide the work according to respective duty, the supervisory examination that is in charge of the attestation certificate inside region of place area under administration and attestation mark lawfully works.

The 5th prohibits forging, risk with, make over and certificate of illegal business attestation and attestation mark.
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