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Organic product certification runs way (total bureau makes the 67th)
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National quality technology is supervised examine quarantine total bureau makes

The 67th

" organic product certification runs way " classics national quality was supervised on September 27, 2004 examine joint hearing of Wu of bureau of quarantine total bureau is discussed through, grant to announce now, apply since April 1, 2005.

Director Li Changjiang

2 4 years 00 on November 5

Organic product certification runs way

General principles of the first chapter

The first is the development that promotes organic product production, treatment and trade, activity of normative and organic product certification, improve the quality of organic product and level of management, protect zoology environment, basis " attestation of People's Republic of China approves ordinance " the regulation that waits for concerned law, administrative regulations, make this way.

The organic product that this the 2nd method place weighs, it is the offers edible of human consumption, animal product that shows process of production, treatment, sale accords with level of organic product state.

The organic product certification that this method place weighs, it is to point to attestation orgnaization to be opposite according to level of organic product state and the regulation of this method organic product production and the activity that machine a process to undertake evaluating.

The 3rd is engaged in activity of organic product certification and organic product production, treatment, sales compaign in churchyard of People's Republic of China, ought to observe this way.

Attestation of the 4th country approves supervisory management committee (country of the following abbreviation adopts inspect appoint) be coordinated the centralized management of activity of responsible and organic product certification, integratedly and supervise the work.

Supervisory branch of local quality technology and condition of each district discrepancy examine quarantine orgnaization (attestation of place of the following a general designation supervises management department) be opposite lawfully according to respective duty activity of organic product certification carries out supervisory examination inside region of place area under administration.

The 5th country constitutes unified organic product certification basic standard, regular, centralized eligible assess process, uniform standard, unified mark.

The 6th country begins the international each other that organic product certification approbates to admit according to the principle of equal mutual benefit.

The orgnaization that is engaged in organic product certification (the following abbreviation orgnaization of organic product certification) , ought to identify inspect according to the country appoint the each other of organic product certification that signs external identifies an agreement to begin relevant each other to identify an activity.
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