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Sanitation of company of production of import provision abroad registers managem
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 National quality is supervised examine quarantine total bureau makes the 16th

" company of production of import provision abroad registers management to set " already national quality is supervised examine conference of Wu of bureau of quarantine total bureau is discussed through, grant to announce now apply. Condition of former state discrepancy examines quarantine bureau announced on December 30, 1999 " company of production of import provision abroad registers administrative standard (try out) " abolish at the same time.

Director Li Changjiang

Two years on March 14

  Import provision abroad produces an enterprise to register administrative regulation

  General principles of the first chapter

The first is protection our country farming, forest, safety of production of herd, fishery and human body health, those who strengthen pair of import provision examine quarantine and supervisory management, basis " condition of pass in and out of People's Republic of China uses plant quarantine method " reach its to carry out byelaw, " Food Sanitation Law of People's Republic of China " and " inspection of import and export merchandise of People's Republic of China " the concerned regulation that reachs its to carry out byelaw, make this provision.

This the 2nd regulation is applied to export food to China (contain edible sex to use plant product, similarly hereinafter) foreign production, treatment, deposit an enterprise (abroad of the following abbreviation produces a business) register management.

The 3rd accredit according to the State Council, attestation of country of People's Republic of China approbates supervisory management board (attestation of country of the following abbreviation approbates supervisory management board) company of production of abroad of provision of centralized management import is registered and control administrative job.

Attestation of the 4th country approbates supervisory management board to be in charge of making, announce " the import provision catalog that executive enterprise registers " (the following abbreviation " catalog " ) .

The 5th every is outputted to China " catalog " inside the abroad of the product produces a business, must approbate supervisory management board to apply for to register to national attestation.

Did not obtain registered abroad to produce the food of the enterprise, do not get an import.

This the 6th regulation is weighed " food " , the department points to the finished product with all sorts of drinkable perhaps edible that lay a person and raw material.

   The 2nd chapter registers a condition

The foreign production company that the 7th application registers is in a country (area) system of protection of vet service system, plant, communal sanitation manages a system to need classics country attestation to approbate supervisory management board to evaluate qualification.
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