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Sanitation of exit food company registers management to set (total bureau the 20
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National quality is supervised examine quarantine total bureau makes the 20th

" sanitation of company of exit food production registers the management that register to set " already national quality was supervised on March 27, 2002 examine conference of Wu of bureau of quarantine total bureau is discussed through, grant to announce now, apply since May 20, 2002. Former State Administration of Import and Export Commodity Inspection released on November 14, 1994 " sanitation of exit food factory, library registers detailed rules " and " sanitation of exit food factory, library asks " abolish at the same time.

Director Li Changjiang

Two years on April 19

  Exit food produces an enterprise to register administrative regulation to foreign sanitation

  General principles of the first chapter

The first produces the supervisory government of the enterprise to exporting food to strengthen, assure to export the safety of food and wholesome quality, basis " Food Sanitation Law of People's Republic of China " , " inspection of import and export merchandise of People's Republic of China " the concerned regulation that reachs its to carry out byelaw, make this provision.

The 2nd country is right exit food production, treatment, store enterprise (food of exit of the following abbreviation produces a business) executive sanitation is registered, the system that register. Every is in production of churchyard of People's Republic of China, treatment, store the company that exports food, must obtain sanitation to register certificate after the wholesome perhaps certificate that register, square producible, treatment, store exit food.

Attestation of the 3rd country approves supervisory management committee (country of the following abbreviation adopts inspect appoint) sanitation of company of production of food of exit of director whole nation is registered, the job that register. National quality is supervised examine quarantine total bureau (total bureau of qualitative check of country of the following abbreviation) the condition of directly under discrepancy that is set in each district examines quarantine bureau (directly under of the following abbreviation examines quarantine bureau) the sanitation that is in charge of an administer area exporting food to produce a business is registered, the labour that register. Be registered without sanitation or register the exit food of the enterprise, the discrepancy condition that the country pledges check total bureau is set in each district examines quarantine orgnaization (the following abbreviation examines quarantine orgnaization) do not grant to accept newspaper check.

The 4th country adopts inspect appoint the risk level according to exporting food, announce and adjust " sanitation of executive exit food is registered, the catalogue item that register " (the following abbreviation " register catalog " , accessory 1) . Right " register catalog " inside the manufacturing company of food, executive sanitation registers management; Right " register catalog " beyond the manufacturing company of food carries out the wholesome management that register.
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