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Liu Dehua takes up the post of electron of Chinese product quality to superinten
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A few days ago, the country pledges check total bureau announces, electron of quality of the home made product in inviting De Hua of Liu of Hong Kong famous actor or artist formally to hold the position of “ superintends spokesman of figure of net ” commonweal. Mr Liu Dehua already went to Beijing to film electron of quality of the product that make superintends advertisement of network series broadcast, TV, planar commonweal on invitation, peace of the broadcast that these commonweal advertisement will begin to be in mainland area from July, TV, network puts in stage by stage on face media.

The electron that the country pledges this action of check total bureau is to cooperate China the government is being advanced smoothly superintends a net to build the job. The country pledges check total bureau expresses about chief, mr Liu Dehua has very large force in Asian area, he respects property patriotic, humanness is just, be full of love, devote into commonweal career actively, it is the impression that the audience that humanness or its work give our country society each age estate left profundity no matter. Take up the post of commonweal figure spokesman by him, conduct propaganda popularizes Chinese government to pledge to strengthen a product quantity and food safety are superintended, protect consumer rights and interests effectively, compose builds harmony to consume an environment, construction socialism sincere the product that believe a system and builds traces to the source superintendency system, will form extensive influence socially, drive an electron to superintend a net to be carried out smoothly further. Liu Dehua expresses, special honor can hold the position of the promotion spokesman of so principal institution, what government of main also support superintends a code to enhance pair of product quality security with the electron is strict guard a pass. As we have learned, liu Dehua already filmed at going to Beijing June, advertisement of the broadcast that the promotion that make publicizes an electron to superintend a series, TV, planar commonweal, in making a process. This commonweal advertisement the “ with able to read aloud fluently of straightaway, the sound of reading aloud is false really not, false true not, the electron superintends a code, sweep know ” is core advertisement word, reveal an electron adequately to superintend a system to eliminate fake, whole journey of implementation product quality is superintended and but retroactive weighs big function. Liu Dehua will superintend what the code undertakes the product accuses a canal strictly to carry out with the electron to the government besides supporting energetically more the appeal of sincere words and earnest wishes: The accident calamity of nature, we prevent very hard, but man-made disaster is OK however controlled with precaution. Hope everybody supports this policy together.

According to the country qualitative check total bureau introduces, current, 9 kinds of big companies that 69 kinds of products involve are undertaking actively applying for to put on record, through the company product of examine and verify the ode is piled up and product of activation superintendency code appears on the market wait for the job to going on wheels, electronic superintendency net appears more fast push state.
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