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Sun Dawei attends Qinghai to save quality work conference
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On September 24, qinghai saves quality work conference to be held in Xining. Song Xiuyan of vice secretary of Qinghai provincial Party committee, governor, attestation of the member that the country pledges leading Party group of check total bureau is become, country approbates supervisory management to committee chairman Sun Dawei attends the meeting and speak, vice-governor Luo Yulin moderates. The conference communicated spirit of conference of countrywide quality work, analysed Qinghai product quality and the situation that food safety faces and task, comprehensive deploy special punish works.

Song Xiuyan emphasizes in the speech, complete province wants the new situation that working face of farther recognize quality faces about the branch each, improve the knowledge of pair of quality work importance further, from the height that drives improvement of scientific progress, stimulative the people's livelihood, compose to build harmonious society, establish quality is in position of strategy of economic society developing, regard the effective grasper of safety of life of people of the heavy awful arteries and veins that revitalizes economy, safeguard as quality work, put in economic society to develop more prominent place, cogent enhance the sense of urgency that does good quality work and sense of responsibility, advance “ solidly to be driven with ” of qualitative get victory, famous brand, technical standard of 3 old strategies carry out, achieve appearance of benefit of quality, structure, speed hard harmonious, drive Qinghai to save economic society good rapid development.

Sun Dawei goes out in speaking middle finger: Should stress the job that has paid 6 respects next. Should capture “ with strategy of ” of qualitative get victory this masterstroke, rely on quality to gain the market, rely on quality to improve beneficial result, rely on quality to enhance competition ability. 2 should tackle company liability subject this fountainhead, superintend and director guides the enterprise establishs the consciousness that produces character to measure person of the first responsibility, make sure quality is safe, raise quality level, the first job that performs social responsibility to serve as an enterprise, perforative the whole process that runs an activity at production, contrast self-consciously international is advanced the standard looks for difference, control oneself strictly, the standard is produced, sincere letter is managed, determined a door staying in a factory, put an end to use unqualified raw material, put an end to production to sell rejected product. 3 should capture quality to control government this key, superintend effectively what enhance pair of quality further, the market admittance that builds sound quality safety and quit a system, the base that strengthens quality to revitalize is ensured and guard a pass ability. Otherwise breaks aggrandizement quality to be superintended of the job daily, should produce quality quantity and food safety through beginning especially special punish, accelerate build “ ” of an a two chain, system, network, the base that strengthens quality to revitalize is ensured and guard a pass ability. 4 should capture quality credit system to build this core, clutch build perfect “ local government to be in charge of, superintendency branch his is in charge of each, the quality credit system that the enterprise regards person of the first responsibility as ” . 5 should capture quality to superintend a team to build this essential, good according to “ thought, style, the overall demand that knows Wu Jian of this covey of ” of management of business, be apt to to set, strict and normative, manage strictly, supervise strictly, catch good quality to superintend team construction. 6 should capture special punish this effective carrier, hammer and tongs, actual effect of do one's best.
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