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"Food installs all inspection to measure lab quality to control a standard " ser
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October 16-17 day, countrywide attestation approves standardization technology committee (SAC/TC261) hold in Beijing " food safety detects lab quality control is normative " series state level is authorized meeting. The country adopts inspect appoint attestation of vice director, whole nation approbated Liu Zhuohui of committee member of vice director of standardization technology council to attend authorized meeting.

Authorized committee is right this series standard (send go over a manuscript or draft) undertook serious, meticulous checkup, more to each attention question undertook the key is discussed. Authorized committee thinks: This series standard is integrated the requirement of the professional technology standard of international and domain of domestic food safety, form safety of our country food to detect relevantly jointly the file of series standard sex that lab quality assures. This series standard is in our country first more comprehensive ground offers food security control of relevant lab quality is normative, to improving our country in the round the integral level of management of relevant lab is mixed examine technical capability, and build our country to the lab related the effect, standard, food safety that conforms with international approves a system, the effectiveness that enhances attestation to approbate is having main effect and sense. Of series standard come on stage but safety of food of farther normative our country detects relevantly of the lab run, those who raise a lab detect quality, provide strong safeguard to ensuring safety of our country food. (the country adopts inspect appoint science and technology and standard government department)

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