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This world of four travelling expenses pledges inspect bureau is carried out " 3
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Produce action for normative enterprise, improve clerical work efficiency, reduce industry burden, avoid bull to execute the law, repeat an examination, qualitative inspect bureau made city of endowment this world enter a business " 3 check surely " system.

Bureau of qualitative inspect of city of endowment this world asks each division (room) while every enters the staff member of the enterprise to work in business of the one's job that finish, still must wait for a circumstance to undertake checking to licence of attestation of special type equipment, CCC, production, established the lasting effect mechanism that CCC superintends. Pass 3 months move, improved work efficiency, to each job of bureau of qualitative inspect of city of endowment this world, especially CCC system carries out the job to drive very big, the enterprise is mirrorred generally good.

3 months come, city of endowment this world checks manufacturing company in all 884, the manufacturing company that involves CCC attestation adds up to 22. Supervised and urge endowment this world is auspicious Si Da is industrial company, beneficial connects 8 enterprises such as limited company of extensive question equipment to apply CCC attestation (contain spread attestation) , put on record is investigated punished 3 attestation to violate an enterprise. Mastered business demand in time still at the same time, held mandatory be linked together of CCC attestation announce is met 3 times, attend a meeting 140 people, drove the executive job of CCC system to be begun effectively greatly. (supervisory bureau of technology of Sichuan province quality)

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