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Seminar of international of APEC organic product certification is held in Beijin
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Came 26 days on October 25, identify inspect by the country appoint hold, country of Chinese eligible assess approbates committee to undertake 2007 " seminar of international of APEC organic product certification " hold in Beijing. Many 60 when come from the APEC member such as China, Korea, United States, Australia, Japan, Philippine, Indonesia organic agriculture expert and scholar attended the meeting. The country adopts inspect appoint Xie Jun vice director attends the meeting and make a speech.

Chinese organic product certification only then at 20 centuries 90 time, the orgnaization of the first batch of attestation of our country arises 1994, later total bureau of national environmental protection in succession formulate the administrative measure of the occupation standard of organic food attestation and organic food attestation, for our country the development of organic agriculture laid a foundation. 2004, job of management of organic product certification is formal by national environmental protection total bureau identifies inspect to the country appoint turn over, of the same age, by the country qualitative inspect total bureau was released " organic product certification runs way " , the country adopts inspect appoint released " organic product certification implements regulation " , in addition return an organization to draft and released by committee of national standardization management " organic product " national level, so far, system of our country's centralized organic product certification is initial build.

Build as what China's unified organic product certification approves a system, the branch reachs local government related the country, published the supportive measure that organic industry of a few stimulative our country develops in succession. In the meantime, as the rapid growth of Chinese economy, the consumptive ability of Chinese consumer also gets rising further, year after year of consumption of state-owned machine product grows in. Additional, through development of more than 10 years, orgnaization of Chinese organic product certification also is mixed in progressively standard development, from course of study professional quality and amount are in personnel to rise ceaselessly. Of all and exterior condition and environment perfect, make measure of certificate of Chinese organic product certification basic according to annual 20% right-and-left speed are in growth, state-owned machine agriculture entered period of a rapid development in. So far, enterprise of organic product certification already amounted to many 2000, attestation area amounts to 2.03 million hectare, before already entering the world 10.

Organic agriculture is helpful for food safety, environmental protection and the agriculture that can develop continuously producing kind as a kind, get the wide attention of each country and area, at present already 120 many countries and area began organic agriculture to manufacture an activity, the international trade of organic product also is in grow quickly continuously. The country adopts inspect appoint pay close attention to international very all the time the development of organic agriculture, especially APEC area the organic agriculture circumstance of each member body. The country adopts inspect appoint applied for to APEC secretariat 2005 " project of research of APEC organic product certification " (CTI 22/2006T) , win approval. This project by a definite date two years (came in January 2006 December 2007) , the formulate that main purpose is the existing state of affairs of organic attestation development that gathers APEC member and code, standard carries out a circumstance, and the policy of organic product trade of each member, discuss barrier of organic product trade and the possibility that begin each other to admit in organic attestation respect reduce between APEC member, put forward to advance the plan that each other of organic product certification admits and cooperates and measure proposal in APEC area. The country adopts inspect appoint project group studies through development organic agriculture recruits APEC member the current situation, put forward to be inside APEC on this second conference each member promotes each other of organic product certification to identify collaboration, implement the relevant tentative plan that advantage of organic product international trade changes and proposal, include to be in governmental level, approbate orgnaization level and attestation orgnaization level to begin collaboration and each other to know the step that should take and strategy stage by stage, also emphasized should sending the harmony that international organizes related brandish and technology adequately to support action. On the meeting, the organic agriculture expert of the APEC member such as Hong Kong of China, Korea, United States, Australia, Philippine, Indonesia, China and scholar introduced to be in severally the working circumstance of relevant domain and research achievement.
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