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The country adopts inspect appoint study of group of center of leading Party gro
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Learn a Chinese Communist seventeen times for development countrywide congress spirit, comprehensive deploy identifies inspect appoint study carries out seventeen spirit to concern the job, on October 26, identify inspect appoint group of center of leading Party group undertook 2007 group of the 6th center (expand) collective study. Learn to be chaired by Director Sun Dawei, liu Weijun of vice director Zhu Guangpei, Xie Jun, chief engineer, appoint center of departmental room, service center, information, institute is in charge of mechanism the comrade attended this collective study.

The conference communicated the seventeen great main mind of the party, communicated central the Political Bureau to carry out the deploy of the seventeen great mind of the party to learning, communicated total bureau leading Party group " carry out a Chinese Communist the seventeenth times about development study the announcement of countrywide congress spirit " with Party committee of office of total bureau directly under " review about histology the specific arrangement of seventeen great mind " wait for relevant document spirit. Member of leading Party group still combines respective job, talked to learn the initial experience of seventeen great mind, right identify inspect appoint the concerned job that next study carry out seventeen great mind raised a requirement.

In study, identify inspect appoint the seventeen holds greatly fundamental condition that Sun Dawei of secretary of leading Party group, director communicated a party, the main drive of seventeen big report, key wants control content, the main condition that the main drive that the China Disciplinary Commission reports and party constitution alter and party constitution (amendment) basic content. When speaking of study experiencing, director Sun Dawei emphasizes:

The first, must carry out study seventeen great mind regards current and principal politics as the task. While member of leading Party group been stressinging oneself study, want to stress the study of branch of good be assigned personal responsibility for and unit. Should hold high Chinese characteristic socialism is great banner, with armed brains of theory of Chinese characteristic socialism, want to take persuasion of viatic of Chinese characteristic socialism sturdily further through learning.

The 2nd, must insist to seek true deal with concrete matters relating to work, everything from set out actually. National condition of China of be practical and realistic, base oneself upon is the primary experience that our party leads Chinese revolution and construction for a long time. Seventeen big report is to build to the major strategy disposition that China will develop henceforth be in pair of current China to be in socialism primary level is basic over the proper understanding of national condition. Attestation approbates the job to also want such, we should be guidance with seventeen great mind, the current situation that approves the work to Chinese attestation, main feature, main contradiction holds sober recognition, advance our country attestation actively to recognize working reform and progress, initiate the new situation that has Chinese characteristic attestation to approve the work.
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