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The country adopts inspect appoint organization " condition of discrepancy of gr
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To develop discrepancy condition to examine quarantine job is opposite of Beijing Olympic Games escort the Emperor convoy action, safeguard joins the safety of meeting personnel and health, ensure our country of quality of product of goods and materials of condition of pass in and out, protection changes plant safety and environment, the country adopts inspect appoint constituent Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Liaoning, Tianjin, Guangdong, Shenzhen examined a few days ago quarantine bureau is begun " condition of discrepancy of great international activity examines quarantine regulations " series examines of quarantine occupation standard make edit the job.

This series occupation standard includes 8 shares in all, the quarantine that content involves personnel of pair of condition of pass in and out and vehicle and sanitation are supervised, of goods and materials of imports and exports examine and put on record, condition of pass in and out moves special article of condition of floral quarantine, pass in and out and passenger to carry nucleus of port of content, territory the platoon of biochemical factor is checked etc, predict to will be released March at next year carry out. Of this series standard make and carry out goods and materials of the personnel during will be being met to Beijing Olympic Games and vehicle quarantine, imports and exports examine, condition of pass in and out moves plant and the quarantine that carry matter to have a standard, modes of life and relation to their environment is safety of our country economy, safe during be being held to ensure the Olympic Games provide strong technical basis with territory safety. To promote the international figure of our country, international that enlarges our country the influence, increase further examine quarantine guards a pass service ability lays next solid foundations.

Brigadier of this series mark is applied to not only 2008 the Olympic Games, still will be 2010 Shanghai year great fortune of Asia Game of meeting, Guangzhou, Shenzhen meets world rich wait for a series of important international that hold in our country the activity provides effective safeguard. (the country adopts inspect appoint science and technology and standard government department)

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