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International approbates an organization to combine annual meeting to will be he
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A few days ago, international approbates forum (IAF) approbate collaboration to organize with international lab (ILAC) announce formally, IAF/ILAC combined annual meeting to will be held in China 2010, by Chinese qualification assess country approves committee (CNAS) undertake.

IAF and ILAC are the international collaboration organization that each country approves an orgnaization, be built inside global limits jointly and develop consistent, effective eligible assess to approve a system, drive the eligible assess result that be approved to get be used extensively, advantage of commerce of stimulative whole world is changed. The working domain with IAF and current ILAC involves: System of of all kinds product, management (include quality management, environment management, provision safety of safety administration, information manages) , of the attestation orgnaization such as personnel approbate, of all kinds detect, of the relevant establishment such as the person that test and verify of the lab such as calibration, medicine and reference materials generator, ability is offerred approbate, of orgnaization of of all kinds examination approbate. The member of IAF and ILAC is approbated by what come from each economy system orgnaization, regional approbate the composition such as organization of cooperative organization, relevant eligible assess orgnaization, industry organization.

IAF and ILAC and international Organization for Standardization (ISO) , international Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) , international Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) , U.N. Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) etc maintaining close connection and collaboration, formed international qualification assess to approbate system and international system of standardization, international metric system the harmony that wait and interactive.

Identify inspect according to the country appoint the overall principle that approbates international collaboration about attestation, CNAS is taken an active part in all the time and promote relevant work of IAF and ILAC, the lot that the full-fledged member member that is IAF and ILAC and multilateral each other know an agreement is made an appointment with square, build in what identify an agreement about international each other leader effect was produced in waiting for a few main jobs with moving management. This year on June 9, IAF is held jointly in China and CNAS " international approves Chinese day " international conference, the country pledges Li Changjiang of check total bureau attends a speech, the country adopts inspect appoint director Sun Dawei makes a theme make a speech, wang Fengqing of Chairman CNAS committee member makes the conference sum up, the attestation that compares a system to approbated a bound in the round to publicize China to international approves a system. Chinese attestation approbates a system to approbate constituent consequence to get promotion ceaselessly in international, the attention that got international travels together and reputably.
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