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System of management of APEC food safety and risk analysis seminar are in Peruvi
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On August 6, the zephyr of system of management of APEC food safety that the country pledges check total bureau is sponsorred analyses a seminar nearly in Peruvian Kusike city is held ceremoniously. This seminar is the conference of international food safety that since the country pledges check total bureau is built oneself, sponsors outside the condition for the first time, got the wide attention of system of APEC member economy and support, more than 100 delegate of the governmental orgnaization that comes from Taipei of the United States, Australia, Chile, Peruvian, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippine, Mexico, China, Papua New Guinea and China to wait for system of 14 members economy and business circles attended the meeting. The food safety of system of each member economy manages a system to reach its to make medium applying in policy the circumstance of risk analysis principle has extensive communication. The expert that the seminar still invited 3 international such as WTO, CAC and OIE to organize manages with respect to food safety with the risk the analysis addresses.

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