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Sino-US alliance of two old aquatic product extends collaboration green breed aq
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Chamber of commerce of aquaculture of business association of China whole nation and alliance of aquiculture of American whole world sign cooperative agreement 9 days in Beijing, both sides is popularizing the respect such as green breed aquatics and BAP attestation to spread out comprehensive collaboration.

BAP is the normative standard of the newest aquiculture field that global aquiculture alliance makes, namely " the most rigorous breed aquatics aquatic product standard " . Its basically are to be in aquatic product breed and the each production level that breed process and farm and processing factory examine inside global limits, from entire industry chain " arrive from the pond mensal " mill of field of seedling of comprehensive examine and verify, farm, feed mixes angle the provision that processing factory place involves is safe responsibility of healthy, environmental protection, society and animal welfare, and the whole journey of the product but date from sex, provide top level can operate a standard.

Current, company of fertile Er Ma, amount to a meal to interlink many large international such as the group retail already began to ask to produce business to must satisfy BAP standard with meal enterprise, pass American aquiculture Committee on Certification (ACC) attestation.

Yin Qizhong of chairman of reputation of chamber of commerce of aquaculture of business association of China whole nation expresses, chamber of commerce of aquaculture of countrywide business association will spread out series collaboration with orgnaization of global aquiculture alliance and ACC attestation, enterprise of help China aquatic product is known to BAP standard, master reach get attestation. He thinks, this will conduce to enterprise of Chinese aquatic product breaking through all sorts of camp and obstacle, be admitted by place of whole world market truly thereby.

As we have learned, 2008 whole world breeds aquatic product to look into summit annual meeting to will come 31 days to be held in Shandong Qingdao on October 28. At the appointed time, will many 300 enterprise that comes from many countries and area attends.

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