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Safety of Sino-US Europe consumable advances the action to be started in Beijing
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On September 19, total bureau of Chinese country qualitative check (AQSIQ) , commission of American consumable safety (CPSC) with European committee (EC) start in Beijing " safety of Sino-US Europe consumable pushs the operation jointly " . This is tripartite cooperates when begin first important combination acts, aim to ensure consumable safety jointly. The activity begins to end from 19 days, will the official of more than 30 government that comes from the United States, European Union, expert and business circles personage part to undertake introduce and grooming with respect to relevant content.

On September 19 morning, commission of safety of consumable of the Wei Chuanzhong of deputy director general of total bureau of Chinese country qualitative check that attends this second combination to push the operation, United States (CPSC) health of committee of heart of Nuo of · of executive chairman nancy, Europe and consumer always manage total director Robert Madelin, held talk of tripartite minister class, tripartite reached multinomial consensus with respect to consumable security cooperation, discuss adopted the joint statement about consumable safety, held associated press conference.

Activity around " consumable is safe, common cause " this one theme, be in 3 ground of Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, outside undertaking those who be aimed at product of electric equipment of dress, toy, electron respectively, exhibit groom meeting, invite expert of safety of Sino-US Europe consumable to make progress with respect to the forward position problem of relevant domain and technology, undertake groom and answering to the enterprise doubt, just promulgate to the United States especially carry out " amendment of consumable safety proposed law " the circumstance has bulletin and explanation, to asking related the European Union that is about to promulgate, especially the requirement of toy respect undertakes communicating.

Commerce of Sino-US Europe consumable holds significant position in international consumable commerce and global commerce structure, its are important action increases increasingly. Regard each other as the associate of main classics trade between, sino-US, medium there has been bilateral, multilateral good cooperation in other side between Europe, beautiful Europe, in consumable safety the straight joint of domain tripartite makes this is first time. This tripartite alliance pushs the operation, it is to be in before what the tripartite on the foundation of bilateral collaboration cooperates is new germinant, those who initiated safety of Sino-US Europe consumable to cooperate is epochal.

Tripartite alliance advances Sino-US Europe the action, it is tripartite takes on jointly, the joint efforts, new move that seeks cooperation of rich and real significance. Joint statement is tripartite made earnest announce make peace is affirmatory, this what a series of actions are sure to drive cooperation of safety of quality of Sino-US Europe consumable to communicate is farther deepen, good land demonstrative effect has inside international limits, make important contribution to promoting security of international consumable trade.
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