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Government examines in quarantine collaboration project -- plant quarantine groo
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To be fulfilled actively national vice-chairman Xi Jinping sought government gain this year in June, raise a tree to make the same score deputy director general and Korea respect to be signed formally by total bureau " quality of nation of People's Republic of China is supervised examine quarantine total bureau (AQSIQ) with supervisory bureau of mass of nation of Democratic People's Republic of Korea (SAQM) collaboration of domain of quarantine of check of 2007-2009 yearly check implements a plan " start formally. Should carry out a plan to include quarantine of plant quarantine, animal to wait for 3 to groom project. By total bureau of Chinese qualitative check the department that use plant is sponsorred, what courtyard of Chinese check division undertakes is medium groom toward plant quarantine the class was in Beijing to be held successfully on August 2 at coming on July 20, 2008. Groom this have theory already tuitional, again lab operation and port check the spot to make an on-the-spot investigation, arrangement is reasonable and compact, content abounds full and accurate, get Korea delegacy height is evaluated, obtained favorable result, achieve expect an end.

4 plant quarantine officials that come from supervisory bureau of Korea nation mass attended to groom this, 15 authoritative experts of our country on invitation lecture. Groom content involves China to examine quarantine system, examine sex of analysis of risk of system of plant quarantine of quarantine law laws and regulations, home, evil living things, quarantine is harmful bioassay method and manage except harm wait for plant quarantine domain. In grooming in still just undertook with Korea delegate technical communication is mixed discuss. During grooming, Korea delegacy saw lab of courtyard of Chinese check division, go to Beijing to examine quarantine bureau visited goods check spot, suffocating and heat treatment establishment to wait. Korea delegate expresses to be benefited through grooming fine is much, for plant quarantine system and lab ability construction will offer Korea to be drawn lessons from benignantly henceforth.

Face both sides agrees in think to groom successfully this the government in was being lifted examines the new page that quarantine domain cooperates. Qualitative check total bureau will draw lessons from the successful experience that grooms this, the government in be being built actively examines quarantine cooperation is good atmosphere, the agreement cooperates toward what both sides signs in continueing to be fulfilled actively, raise two countries to examine jointly quarantine level of management, cooperate national diplomacy need at the same time, two countries of the face in driving establishs all-around, each domain, mutiple level friendly collaboration relationship.
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