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In heart sign German pork to be defeated China vet and wholesome condition proto
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On September 1 morning, wei Chuanzhong of deputy director general of total bureau of national qualitative check interviewed secretary of state of German agriculture, food and consumer protection ministry to build group of Mr De Miller in Beijing. Both sides exchanged an opinion with respect to the topic for discussion such as quarantine of German pork exit, produce. After the talk, both sides was signed jointly " German pork is defeated China vet and wholesome condition protocol " .

In the talk, wei Chuanzhong expresses, the country pledges check total bureau takes the collaboration that protects a ministry with German agriculture, food and consumer seriously very much. In recent years, both sides examines in discrepancy condition quarantine works, move a plant to examine especially quarantine respect began a lot of communication collaboration, built deep friendship. He hopes to be chance in order to sign protocol, strengthen two countries to wait for the collaboration of the respect in quarantine of food safety, produce, export trade further, commerce of the heart in making and commerce of European Union produce get greater progress.

Build De Miller to think, of protocol sign will understand European Union system for China, open opportunity of collaboration of open of European Union market. He hopes two countries will strengthen the communication in respect of produce export trade and cooperation henceforth, promote other pork kind imports and exports.

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