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Jin An area plays green card 23 kinds of produce obtain green organic attestatio
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Areas of 6 the Jin An that bring city organize Anhui actively enterprise of bibcock of industrialization of the agriculture inside the area begins green food and organic food attestation, effect is distinct, at present whole area green and organic food already amounted to 23 kinds.

In recent years, jin An area is carried out actively " play green card, take characteristic route " development strategy, rely on belt of advantage produce industry, accelerate standardization green food to produce base construction, the aggrandizement superintendency to green and organic produce, in the meantime, with award to passing the enterprise of attestation to execute era fills, increase the enthusiasm of the enterprise. This year first half of the year, this area had the product of wild rice stem of products of areas of 6 kinds of high grade rice and an enterprise to obtain green food letter again, the tea-seed oil product that still has a company obtained organic food letter.

Up to now, gold installs area green food to already achieved 18 kinds, organic food achieves 5 kinds, raised this area agriculture products greatly manufacturing standardization, high grade change, industrialization level.

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