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Bureau of qualitative inspect of county of Cao of lustre city of Shandong provin
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According to metric 2008 conduct propaganda the job plans, personnel of organization of Cao county bureau is begun energetically " can effect label runs way " propaganda. Constituent personnel development is urban and rural home appliance sells an unit, to room air conditioning implement, aircrew of family expenses freezer, electric washing machine, cold water, family expenses burns gas fast water heater and furnace of hot water of heating burning gas, medium or small the three-phase asynchronous electromotor, operator that sheds 9 kinds of products such as fluorescent lamp and high-pressured natrium lamp from the town and consumer are publicized extensively, set advisory stage in bazaar of 9 large home appliance, send out to consumer propagandist data many 10 thousand, the spot is solved for consumer can the basic knowledge that effect marks 400 for many times, make operator and consumer realise adequately carry out " can effect label runs way " principal port, guide consumer preference actively can the energy-saving product with effect high level.

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