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National science and technology supports a plan " technology of attestation of m
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"915 " national science and technology supports a plan " attestation of national emphasis domain approbates push a project " project: Task of technology of attestation of mark of analysis of LCA of product of papermaking industry pattern and III environment is started can hold at was in Beijing on August 25, 2008. National attestation approbates standard of vice director of Liu Zhuohui of supervisory management committee, science and technology to run a department Director Xuzengde, attestation approbated technical institute to Qiao Dong's director attends the meeting and make a speech. Chen Yan makes the same score vise general manager of president, Chen Jie and task to participated in unit chief to attend the meeting each.

This task identifies inspect jointly by my center appoint attestation approbates institute, China to make university of industry of oar papermaking researcher, Beijing be assumed jointly, liu Zunwen of total controller of central director assistant, task reported the research of the task to plan on behalf of task group, the stress research to the task purpose, technical course, the task is decomposed, plan arrangement, the task managed mechanism and current working progress to make detailed introduction. Liu Zhuohui vice director, Director Xuzengde, Qiao Dong's director implemented important directive to the task, emphasize " 915 " project task should get all participation personnel takes seriously with what be in charge of an unit, the responsible unit of the task and child the task is in charge of an unit wanting to deploy enough labor power and material resources to come to those who ensure a task carry out for the task. Chen Yan makes the same score president to express, the center takes this task seriously all the time declare and carry out the job, the center will offer corresponding manpower and material resources, ensure funds of task safeguard scientific research is reasonable use, make sure the task is finished smoothly.

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